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How to take care of materials
How to take care of materials

Considering its timeless design, Vistier bags deserve careful and gentle handling to remain permanently gorgeous. The procedure is simple:

  • be careful with the handbag
  • if the handbag gets dirty, clean it gently with a water wetted tissue

Extra: Vistier handbags come with lifetime service – after awhile you can come and get the original look of the handbag renewed free of charge – we will clean the leather and restore the polishing. The handbag will shine like new!

Personal delivery service
Personal delivery service

Don’t worry about shipping the bag or picking it up at a certain time or place, when the handbag is ready, we will let you know and arrange a personal delivery according to your availability. You will take the handbag directly from the hands of the artist!


We require 50% of the handbag price in advance. We only accept bank transfer payments.

Product details

Just like those wearing them, Vistier handbags are unique. Only several pieces of each model are produced. The design is individual – you choose the combination of leather and wood. That’s how you create your own, unique handbag that no other woman has.

Genesis is not only about an idea. What matters is the strength to be self–confident and successful, to turn an idea into reality.